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Our success as a company depends on us putting our clients first and providing them with the highest quality services. We believe a successful relationship with our clients depends on the following factors:

Best people
Our partners are hand picked from the best in their industry. We particularly seek out individuals with strong track records in startup companies. Partners also work within focused industry practices so that they can continue to specialize and serve the specific needs of certain industries.

Hands on
all our partners and staff are seasoned entrepreneurs who understand fully the need to roll up their sleeves and involve themselves in all aspects of creating a company.

World-class partnerships
Milestone Strategies invests heavily in cultivating working relationships with a wide variety of partners:
VC Companies - we actively pursue venture-partnering relationships with the VC community. Not only do we offer our expertise to VC portfolio companies but we also invest our time in helping our VC partners to undertake due diligence for new investments. Industry Leading Technology Vendors - Milestone Strategies has developed strong working relationships with a wide variety of major corporations that gives us access to industry expertise and helps facilitate business development opportunities for our clients. Fortune 500 Companies - our core network consists on an extensive database of contacts in large organizations that enables Milestone Strategies the introduce clients and secure major revenue opportunities in much shorter timeframes than otherwise possible. Other Service Professionals - Milestone Strategies has extensive relationships with best-of-breed service professionals that can provide specific sales, marketing, HR and other services to our clients to the same exacting standards that Milestone Strategies provides.
Industry focus
by limiting our services to a few predefined industries, we feel we can provide the depth of relevant expertise needed to ensure the success of our clients in related markets.

Carefully select our clients
we employ a detailed selection process to ensure that we only work with companies for which we can create significant value.

Capture and share our expertise
we are actively developing our own knowledgebase of best practices, methodologies, tools and other expertise that can be exploited across all of our clients. We also foster a strong team culture within the company to ensure that partners and staff actively help each other and lend their expertise to all relevant engagements.

Entrepreneurial work environment
we attract the best people and get the best results out of them by fostering a work environment that rewards entrepreneurial behavior and encourages people to put our clients first.

Share the risk
we also like to make sure that we have 'skin in the game.' Milestone Strategies will look to structure an engagement so that we are sharing the risks associated with establishing a new business.

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