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Milestone Strategies offers a wide range of skills, tools, methodologies and other expertise to our clients. Below is a summary of some of the specific areas of expertise that we have developed to support client engagements.

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Market Analysis
Milestone Strategies assists clients in analyzing industry trends and financial condition, determining market size and growth, evaluating barriers to entry, assessing the competition, identifying target customers and reviewing options for the business model. We aim to help clients better understand the market opportunity and related risks by drawing on industry expertise and analyzing market data for clients.

Product Marketing
Milestone Strategies helps clients to develop the strategy, process and infrastructure necessary to ensure that all functions of a business are focused on meeting the needs of the marketplace and creating long-term value for the company. The goal is to develop a product marketing organization that empowers the sales force and functions as the internal "glue" between sales and product development efforts.

Business Development
We help clients to identify and respond to emerging technologies, new market sectors and industry trends as well as assisting clients to identify and develop strategic partnerships (licensing and strategic OEM agreements). The goal is to ensure the long-term success of an early-stage company by leveraging the relationships that will bring significant market influence.

Sales Planning
Sales strategy efforts determine the detailed elements of a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Milestone Strategies will help determine the requirements for all aspects of the sales effort including lead generation, prospect development, closing sales and customer liaison.

Sales Infrastructure
We will help a client to develop the processes, procedures, tools and other systems necessary to ensure that a strong foundation is established to support and enable revenue generation for the company.

Sales Execution
Milestone Strategies focuses on executing the key strategies and tactics that will drive revenue growth. The goal is to achieve revenue and sales milestones by continuously developing and closing immediate sales opportunities, generating and negotiating major accounts, and building long-lasting customer revenue relationships.

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