Current Projects

BioMatrix partners with advanced te
chnology companies to promulgate their technologies to the US Department of Defense, other governmental and private agencies focusing on bio threats and bio terrorism, and to commercial companies. We provide marketing and project management, licensing technologies, establishing joint ventures, and acquiring technologies or companies.

Through our activities within BioMatrix Sciences and our companion consulting arm, Milestone Strategies, we have achieved measurable targeted business results with the largest Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractors and developed excellent working relationships within both DoD and DHS over the past decade. Many of our engagements have guided companies and managed the execution of paths to success working with the DoD as an integral part of their team.

Some of our current partners
  • Areté Associates ( revolutionizing the mission effectiveness of National Security customers through responsive, innovative, and cost-effective remote sensing solutions
  • Biomeme ( DNA Detection Platform
  • Air Force Medical Support Agency Center for Advanced Molecular Detection (AFMS CAMD)

BioMatrix Sciences has also recently launched the BIIRST program for sustaina
ble global health focused on distributed diagnostics. BIIRST (BioMatrix Infectious disease Response Support Team) is the first dedicated team supporting governments and NGOs through rapid deployment of field diagnostic laboratories and fully portable distributed diagnostic systems and kits for remote infectious disease identification, including epidemiological reach back.w
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